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Strategic Partners

In order to enable hi-tech top notch business solutions, GRITInnovation is now selected by Quaestus Affärsutveckling as a strategic partner. _09_p1110282_fixad.jpg

We are happy to announce this collaboration as part of our strategy to enhance our clients ability to transform business ideas into value for their customers. It will help any company to minimize the critical issues like "time to market", and it will increase business  efficiency quite substantially. Part of this collaboration is the ability to work with the Austrian company Infonova´s "concept to cash" through Grit innovation. 

Through Grit Innovation we are also able to take Your business into the world of Skyhigh - Cloud Security Platform and SevOne - Infrastructure Performance Monitoring.

Short partner breifing

INFONOVA GmbH, founded in 1989, specializes in providing technology and business-oriented solutions and services to telecommunications, media, utility and convergent industries. Since 2003 Infonova is owned by Bearing Point.

Infonova´s flagship product R6, a multi-tenant BSS platform covers the entire Concept-to-Cash lifecycle. This includes billing, CRM, product & order management as well as finance. Compared to other BSS systems, R6 simultaneously supports both the traditional telco business as well as complex cross-industry business models. Due to R6´s strong integration and sophisticated ecosystem orchestration capabilities, which easily can be integrated into existing landscapes.

As one of Infonovas strategic partners, Grit Innovation provide technology centric services with razor sharp focus & commitment to deliver customer success. With proven experience in software systems integration & delivery in telecom, mobility, social networking and value-added services (VAS) domains, Grit Innovation has the ability to turn technology into distinctive business value.


Telcos can play a value-based role in the Open Digital Economy and become enablers for Enterprise Segments (utilities, healthcare, government, property operators etc.) that are looking to offer real-time digital services e.g. SmartGrid, eHealth, eGov etc.. This means that they will need the capabilities to support these new business models in the multi-partner ecosystem of the digital economy and to deliver & transact new revenue streams at a low TCO. R6 for Consolidating a Telco BSS Landscape

The utilities industry is changing rapidly. The operator´s need to go “green” and to raise the efficiency of energy distribution combined with radically improving the customer experience is resulting in the emergence of ‘smart-grid’ distribution requirements, ‘smart-meter’ technology advances and the need to orchestrate multiple service types including not only power, gas and water services. R6 for Smart Grid

Cross-Industry A number of factors, such as globalisation, deregulation, harmonization, increasingly rapid technological shift and digitalization, have fundamentally changed the structure of an increasing number of industries. Technology and digitalization are undoubtedly the most important drivers for change.  In this changing competitive landscape, all companies are facing significant challenges requiring transformation, collaboration and business model innovation. R6 – E2E Concept-to-Cash Platform

Finance Industry The banking industry is facing a transformation driven by the dynamics within the financial markets, increased market regulations, declining customer loyalty and strong competition. To react appropriately to these challenges, banks are working towards redefining their core competencies and improving their business processes. Flexibility is becoming a key element in banking applications and platforms. R6 for Custody Billing

The media industry is undergoing a massive upheaval with traditional linear broadcast business models facing the shift of the advertising dollar to the new online interactive channels. New digital technologies and digital devices are emerging together with high quality interactive STB’s (set top boxes) and TVs that are affordable by the mass market. Customers expect media consumption anytime, anywhere and across different media platforms leading to a shift from mass media to a personalized experience. R6 for Media

Välkommen Om oss Quaestus Performance Kundupplevelse Säljresultat Interim Management Kontakt
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