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Multiple applications on Tablets!

Your organization has a number of commercial and inhouse applications. These are used across the organization and work well on existing Windows machines.

Your employees, on the other hand, increasingly bring and

use their tablets and phones at work. How would you provide access to all your current applications and corporate data on employees' devices, while ensuring minimal data footprint and security? Developing or purchasing native mobile applications usually involves huge costs in re-engineering and licensing.



The product provides an elegant solution to this problem which allows you to migrate all your current applications to

the cloud. The applications are then streamed to employee

devices using the icloudis client. Intuitive usability features

enable users to easily interact with the desktop based


Only the application view is streamed from the cloud, ensuring zero data footprint on the device. Confidential corporate data remains secure on the cloud.

The product is designed to deploy your applications quickly. Most applications can be deployed from within a few hours to under a day. The product integrates with your corporate user directory (Active Directory/LDAP) to enforce policies on each of the cloud servers that host your applications.



New age devices, offer improved transformed user-experiences. We have succeeded in bringing native device user experience to legacy apps, as well as quickly deploy new application by deploying and re-using existing apps in the cloud. Our approach eliminates over 90% of the reengineering costs & risks, while providing contemporary mobile look and feel.


Cloud based application streaming

Zero data footprint on device

iPad and Android streaming clients

BYOD and corporate devices

Quick & Easy application deployment

Easy manageability

Advanced usability features

Scalable and reliable solution

Anywhere, anytime access

Rapid deployment

Designed to be quick to set up and simple to use.


Management console

Provides granular control of users, devices and applications.

Integrated Mobile device management (MDM)


Secure and reliable

All communication between device and the cloud is encrypted.


Integrate with your existing LDAP

Extend group policies and restrictions to your cloud.


Self service provisioning

Allows users to provision their devices and install the “CS” client without administrator intervention.


Reuse existing application licenses.

Move your apps into the cloud. And let everyone access from anywhere



Devices need access to existing applications

Work life is increasingly mobile. Individuals carry their own devices or you already have mobility needs in your organization.


Application streaming Virtualized in Cloud

Individual applications are streamed as if they are running locally on the mobile device. It saves on compute, memory, storage, licenses (day one)


Multiple applications

Launch, browse and seamlessly switch between multiple applications. Deploy in cloud and access anywhere, on-the-move.



Create annotations on any application screen, and share with other users.

Instant communication enables real time team work.



Get notified when other users have shared annotations with you.


Native gestures

Native gesture handling ensures a device centric experience, even for desktop apps, without the need for a mouse pointer.


Mouse pointer support

Sometimes, you just have to use the mouse pointer. Toggle between mouse and gestures

quick and easy.


Windows keys and shortcuts

Full support for Windows keys. Separate keys for shortcuts such as Cut, Copy, Paste.

Välkommen Om oss Quaestus Performance Kundupplevelse Säljresultat Interim Management Kontakt
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